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Relational psychotherapy for grief & loss, trauma,
and career counseling

Providing secure online therapy in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and throughout California 

Welcome, I'm Helen. 

It takes a lot of faith and trust to share your life and deepest pain with someone, especially if you have been wounded by significant relationships in the past. You may have learned to believe that being alone is actually the best way to keep yourself safe

This is why I see our time together and our therapeutic relationship as sacred. I know I'm entering into a sacred space when you invite me into those places that you've been trying to protect and guard for so long. I am committed to doing my best to meet you where you are, going at a pace that feels safe and non-threatening. 

This space is a place for you to just be and come with whatever it is you’re bringing. It’s a place to pause and quiet the noise around you, to connect as it’s most needed for you. This space is important and needed for you to start imagining and exploring the life you so long for.


My hope is for you to find a renewed awareness of
yourself that leads to
clarity, purpose, and healing

in all areas of your life.

I walk with you through

grief & loss

You've been having a difficult time processing the death of a loved one or grieving a loss of a significant relationship.

I support you in making more sense of your unique experience that can lead you towards clarity and peace. 


You've been feeling stuck and powerless due to past trauma and it’s impacting all areas of your life.

I create space for you to safely process the trauma, identify the beliefs and patterns that impact how you relate with others, and empower you to reclaim more of your agency and freedom.


You’ve been feeling restless and unfulfilled at your current job or career for a while now. You want to make a change but don’t know where to start. I help you discover your natural gifts and passions that can lead you toward a path of purpose and fulfillment.

let's connect
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