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Meet Helen

I walk alongside you to bring more clarity and hope to your story, empowering you to make meaningful changes you long for
in your life and relationships.


I know quite well what it’s like to experience loss and pain. It was in the most raw and darkest time in my life that I experienced what it was like to be deeply known and tended to with care in my own personal therapy. Connecting to my own struggles led me to learn the significance of what it meant to be a wounded healer. It’s powerful to be in the presence of another who can empathize and isn’t afraid to travel to some hard places together. 

I see my work in therapy as a way for me to encounter the deepest part of you, to really see you. It’s a powerful and sacred experience when your soul is met by another. It happens when we feel safe enough to put aside our fears of being judged and walls we put up to protect ourselves. It unlocks something in us and allows us to be fully known. 


The thought of having these sacred encounters with those in pain and darkness led me to purpose and meaning in my own life. This is what doing life together means to me.


I wish you courage on your journey towards healing.

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My Commitment


I am committed to my own process of growing and healing, both personally and professionally. I prioritize doing my own work in therapy, consultation, training and education on an ongoing basis. I do what I do because I have personally experienced transformation in having someone walk alongside me, helping me to uncover the unconscious beliefs I have about myself and others. I know very well what it’s like to be on the other side of therapy. I know that it can be an unknown and scary experience, but I also know that it can lead to healing and lasting change.

My Approac


I approach your sharing with curiosity and gentleness, knowing that I have not lived the life you lived. I utilize my intuition, empathy, and my response to your story as a way to guide you to see yourself and your story in a new light - to see yourself with compassion and understanding.

The way you show up with me in therapy can provide us with meaningful information about you and the beliefs that have been formed by your past experiences and relationships. It may be that the way you show up in therapy is likely the way you show up with others. As you start to become more conscious of these patterns, we can start to unlock parts of you that have been stored deeply away and start to feel freer to fully show up as yourself.



Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy 

Fuller Theological Seminary


Associates in Nursing

Santa Monica College 


Bachelors in Health Science - Community Health Education  

California State University of Long Beach


Licensed Marriage and

Family Therapist #138742

Licensed Registered Nurse #815958


Contemporary Relational Psychoanalysis

Level II Restoration Therapist 

FloorTime Therapist


Certified Family Wellness Instructor

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