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Cultural Identity Therapy


Your story is unique and is worthy to be shared.

Cultural identity encompasses your ethnicity, race, generation, gender, religion, and more. This identity gives us information on who we are and shapes us in how we show up in the world.

You may be having a hard time navigating through all the complexities of being an immigrant or a child of immigrant parents. This experience has made up so much of who you are- your resiliency and strength, but it encompasses so much pain and turmoil. You may have registered deep in your mind and body those experiences you never shared aloud- whether it was an experience with racism or constantly struggling with a sense of belonging. 

Maybe silence was the only way you learned to get through.

As a child of immigrant parents, I understand the challenges of family relationships and the lack of support as a minority. I bring this part of myself into my work where I empathize deeply with the struggle with identity and sense of belonging. Together, we explore how your unique background has impacted your life and how it continues to affect your day to day. We can start to unpack the complexities of immigrant challenges and/or intergenerational trauma to gain a better understanding of yourself and shift from feeling stuck to finding new ways to move forward.

Areas of Focus: 

  • 1st and 2nd Generation Immigrant Challenges 

  • Intergenerational Trauma 

  • Asian American Experience 

  • Racial/Social Injustice

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